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Love Marriage Problems and its Solutions By Aman Sharma

Love is a feeling that is difficult to express in words. It is something that can only be felt. There is no better feeling than being married to someone you love.

As a life coach, I have helped many couples by resolving conflicts and helping them start a new life.

Not only that, one of the biggest problems I face is the love marriage problem.

There is no doubt that even today, many families are difficult when it comes to the concept of marital love. I am fascinated by the problems and concerns people have about love marriages. Last year, a couple came to me for premarital counseling. They have been in a relationship for 8 years and want to get married. When they reached the age of 27, their parents started looking for suitable sports for them. In this situation, they have no choice but to tell their families about each other.

They are very happy and content living together, but the only problem is that they are from different groups. In India, many villages still shun the idea of ​​marriage. It is not good for them to marry a foreigner. The boy's father made it clear to him that they would not accept the girl as part of their family. Not only the man, but even the girl's family had problems with the marriage. The guy started receiving death threats from anonymous callers during the call. They were completely taken aback by the way their family treated them. It was at this time that they visited me. The program surprised me, but I have seen many such cases before. I asked them to bring their families to visit me. I want to convince them to accept them as a couple. We found a relative on both sides who would help us convince our family. Today, they are married with two children and the girl lives with the boy's family. Here's how premarital counseling can help you and your partner live a happy married life.

What is the problem of love marriage? Marriage is a sacred bond that represents the union of two people, not just their families. Marriage does not end with the relationship of two people, it must include family. It is often noticed that some parents talk a lot about who their child should marry. Arranged marriage is still the preferred option for many families. Arranged marriages involve controlling both families. Interfaith marriages are believed to pose many difficulties and challenges in relationships as compared to arranged marriages.

love marriage problems couples face

Anyone considering marrying the love of their life faces these six challenges:

Marriage includes parents

There is a tradition in India that the wife must live in the man's house with his parents when he gets married. If the parents do not accept the girl before they marry, the mother-in-law has a hard time. Sometimes, couples get married even though their parents reject their proposal. In such cases, the girl must suffer because it is difficult for her to adjust in a house where there is no one who loves her. Many times, mothers start to feel uneasy about their son's attraction to his wife. If the man can not solve the situation at first, it becomes a real pain for the girl. Negativity is spreading

Couples who are happily married but their parents do not accept them cause many problems for themselves. Getting married without the approval of parents or family creates a lot of negative things in the home. It can start from an air leak, but it can cause bad breath. It creates a lot of negativity around the house. The girl will take the blame for almost everything, it is difficult for her to survive in such a situation.

Disputes arise between partners

Many a times, it is seen that the problems caused by love marriages start to cause conflicts and problems between the spouses. They start fighting over small issues. Sometimes the family starts causing misunderstandings between the two. After marriage, married couples have to spend a lot of time in the family. This leaves them little time for each other. They don't want to spoil their family's expectations. They leave a lasting impression. Love marriage between members

In India, marriage is considered a sacred union of two souls. For a long time, it was agreed that the man and the girl married should be of the same race. Although many people have developed their views beyond this tradition, some places still follow these rules. Those who break this rule are often looked down upon. The boy and the girl are separated in many situations.

The family rejected him

Many times we see couples who are rejected by their parents because they married the love of their choice. Couples who struggle to get married are often not accepted by their families.

I have seen many couples who are not allowed to visit or talk to their families. Their children do not have the love of their grandparents. It is very sad to see that. Social pressure

Since inter-caste marriage is not accepted in India, many couples face social pressure. Couples who have been rejected by their families will still face a society that does not respect them. I remember one time a couple visited me and told me that they could not rent a house for themselves because they wanted to get married.

Landlords are seen as causing problems due to couples living together. The couple may not get help from parents or family.

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